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Why a Christian School?

From the core philosophy to the curriculum,

there really is a difference.

By Dr. Steve Ware

There are several principles that come to mind when I am asked “Why should I place my child in Christian Education?” May I take a moment of your time and ask that you consider with me;

Your Child’s Worth

What is the most important thing in a parent’s life concerning their children? Would it not be the soul of that child? (Mark 8:32) A parent should do all that is possible to present Christ to their child so that child may be saved and not spend eternity in Hell. If a parent or a Christian School neglects this aspect of life they have missed all that God has planned for them. This is the first step of Christian Education and everything else should be built upon this precept.

In Christian Education there should be three things to consider...

A. Curriculum that is Bible Based

We are saved by the Word of God and are told of His grace and forgiveness through His Word. Thus the Word of God should be presented clearly continually in the education process.

B. A philosophy that is reaching others for Christ

Mankind is lost without Jesus Christ. Christ came into the world to save sinners and the effort must be made to reach children with glad tidings of great joy which is to all people.

C. Educators that know the Lord

The things concerning the Bible, Salvation and Christian living are spiritual in nature. The natural man, or unsaved man, does not understand the Christian concept because the unsaved are not spiritual. Thus an unsaved person cannot teach the things of the Bible for they have not the Spirit of God to lead nor do they have Spiritual discernment.

Consistency in Your Child’s Life

One of the most detrimental things in children’s lives today is inconsistency. Parents teach the children one thing and then the parents do another. Parents try to instill values and Biblical principles into the lives of their children and the child goes to school or into the community and are taught something completely contrary to what the parents are teaching. A child then becomes confused and many times frustrated; for they do not understand which teaching or philosophy to follow. A Christian School should be one that is consistent with the parent’s philosophy and goes hand in hand with the parent and the training of the young person (Prov 22:6).

Christian Truths to Live By

When you look at the Christian School curriculum, there should be a clear correspondence with the core principles of education and Christian truths. When a child sees that Christian truths are used in everyday walk of life then they are able to process a standard in their life that constitutes Christian truths to live by. Education should not be about how to make a living but how we are to live in this present evil world.

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