A Beka Books, Creative Curriculum, and We Care Preschoolers are placed in small classes according to their appropriate age level. They experience both an open and enclosed classroom environment. The open classroom introduces children to making individual choices while working with blocks, books, puzzles and dramatic play. The enclosed classroom teaches Bible stories, scripture memory, the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Use of all the children’s senses is incorporated into the daily curriculum.

Kindergarten Curriculum

A Traditional Christian Approach

Children are taught that they are a special creation of God. They are treated with respect and learn to respect each other. The child’s first experience with school is enjoyable, while providing a solid educational foundation. Communication with the parents is aided by progress reports, Parent-Teacher Fellowships, home visits, conferences and screening tools such as the Brigance.

Pre-Kindergarten, VPK: Bob Jones, Creative Curriculum

Four- year olds at Heritage discover how to think, grow, know, and live “God’s Way.” Daily lesson plans include Bible, English, math, science, social studies, story time, art, music and motor development. Basic visual perception skills, along with alphabet recognition, initial letter sounds, number and numeral recognition, correct pencil hold and handwriting strokes, are mastered. Since reading is a thinking process, Heritage stresses not only language acquisition, visual discrimination of basic shapes, letters and numerals, but also a variety of reasoning skills that will help the child sort out, recognize and use this information. This approach results in a uniquely integrated, unpressured foundational program for a four-year old.

Kindergarten: A Beka, Creative Curriculum

The five- year old kindergarten class is an area of crucial importance at Heritage. Since this is a child’s first introduction to school and more formal academic training, it is imperative that this experience be a positive one. This sets the tone for the child’s entire academic future. This can only be accomplished when each kindergartner is accepted as an individual learner. The child’s skills and abilities are assessed. The child is then led to achieve success, step by step, from one level of performance to another. The curriculum includes the development of listening, speaking, penmanship, spelling, composition, reading and math skills. The ultimate goal is to develop skills that every learner will use enthusiastically and frequently as a means of building Christlike lives.

Graduates are honored in a ceremony, complete with caps, gowns and diplomas. They all have individual speaking parts in a play. It is definitely the highlight of the year!

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