Facilities at Heritage Prep


Heritage is proud of its library! Preschool, VPK and elementary students eagerly anticipate weekly visits. They become familiar with library etiquette and procedures. Every session includes books being read aloud and book selection. Age appropriate skills in research tools such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, computer and newspapers are taught. Students are challenged to read through assignments and participation in contests such as Book It. Upper school students visit the library as a class and as individuals to work on various projects. Some volunteer, along with parents, in cataloging, filing and checking out books.


Heritage Prep School gymnasium walls reverberate with enthusiastic applause for the many Praetorian teams. Whether it is intramural sports, physical education classes or state competition; teamwork and a Christlike attitude are stressed. Anyone willing to work can and does participate. Sports at Heritage also provide the needed incentive to maintain good grades, encourage the desire for physical fitness and build self-esteem.


Tabernacle Baptist Church graciously grants Heritage Prep School the use of its impressive 500 seat auditorium for presentations such as drama, guest lecturers, talent shows, music recitals (both instrumental and vocal), graduations (kindergarten, fifth, eighth and twelfth grades), Parent-Teacher Fellowships, Honor Society induction services, spelling bees, etc. These experiences afford not only the opportunity for students to perform before a packed audience of fellow students, family and friends but also provide invaluable training in music, public speaking and poise.


Science and computer laboratories are a must for college bound students. Heritage’s curriculum requires not only use of the science laboratory, but also keyboarding skills as a prerequisite for computer literacy.


Heritage is proud of its bright and roomy cafeteria. A hot, nutritious lunch featuring food children enjoy is prepared daily. Drinks and à la carte items may be purchased, and after school hour snacks are available. Heritage participates in the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program.


Heritage has two separate playgrounds for the preschool/VPK and elementary. They are both large and shady with park quality equipment. Every child has scheduled recess daily.


Heritage Prep School • 6000 West Colonial Dr. • Orlando, FL 32808 • Phone: (407) 293-6000

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