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Heritage Preparatory School employs a traditional Christian approach to learning. All classes are conducted in a loving, disciplined and individualized atmosphere. Each day begins with pledges, prayer and Bible study. Students learn the practical applications of the Bible to their daily lives and character formation. Students maintain a daily assignment pad and conduct report. This information, compiled with a weekly newsletter from the teacher, provides an effective means of communication.

Elementary School

A Traditional Christian Approach

A very strong emphasis is given to reading through phonics training and building a sight word vocabulary. Comprehension of subject matter, as well as a growing desire to read different types of literature, is cultivated.

Heritage also sponsors a Title I program. Qualifying students receive free, individualized tutoring in reading, math and study skills at no additional charge.

Textbooks are attractive, full-color and fast-paced in each facet of the elementary curriculum, such as: Bible, language (grammar and composition), math, history, science, penmanship, spelling and reading. Nationwide and state competency tests are administered annually to measure academic progress, determine strengths and weaknesses and compare the student with others of his grade throughout the United States. These results, as well as classroom performance, are communicated to the parents regularly via progress reports, report cards, Parent-Teacher Fellowships, private conferences and home visits.


Heritage offers a great diversity in extracurricular activities. Spelling Bees, art fairs, Social Studies Quiz Kids, International Week, music lessons, talent shows, dramatic training, science projects and field trips supplement the curriculum. Fitness and entertainment are products of field day, intramural sports and physical education classes.

Music / Drama

Elementary students attend weekly music classes which include theory and vocal training. Students are introduced to their first musical instrument, the recorder, in grade one. Low cost, private lessons are available for a variety of instruments, as well as voice. Students participate in at least two performances each year. Dramatically gifted students are selected for further instruction and leading roles in Heritage Prep productions. Talented musicians make guest appearances at Heritage throughout the school year.

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