A Few Success Stories that Touched Our Hearts

“I attended Heritage Preparatory School from K-4 in 1981 to graduation of
High School in 1995.”

Faith Jensen attended Heritage Prep School from pre-kindergarten until her 12th grade year becoming a Heritage Preparatory alumna in 1995. She began her college career at Clearwater Christian College in Clearwater, Florida, but transferred to the University of Central Florida in 1998 where she studied English Language Arts Education. Upon moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, the following year, Faith enrolled in courses at North Carolina State University where she continued to pursue an education in English Language Arts Education. After another move with her husband, John, Faith once again enrolled in the University of Central Florida’s English Language Arts Education program and completed her bachelor’s degree in 2010.

Faith began teaching at Heritage Preparatory in August 2007 and has taught the high school English classes for the past nine years, leaving only one year after the birth of her third daughter, returning to the classroom the following year.

In the fall of 2013, Faith began her graduate studies at the University of Central Florida. Under the leadership of Dr. Elsie Olan, Faith completed the program in May 2016 and earned her master’s degree from UCF in Teacher Leadership in English Language Arts Education. She plans to remain with Heritage Preparatory School so that she can continue to prepare students for their education past high school and hopes to influence her students to seek the LORD and serve Him throughout all their lives. Faith has also agreed to be a part of UCF’s English Language Arts board so that she can assist in preparing future UCF English Language Arts Education undergrad and master students reach their goals in becoming educators of effective English Language Arts programs.

Faith Jensen

Student Testimony

“This school truly does ‘PREP’
you for the real world!

Krishana Cuyler started attending Heritage Preparatory School in 2012 during her 8th grade year. While she enjoyed being on the volleyball team during her first year, Krishana excelled as a Lady Praetorian in basketball from 8th to 12th grade, earning the 2016 Most Valuable Player award for Heritage Prep at the final championship game and the Christian Character award during her final season on the team. Krishana states that “Heritage Prep is all about making a difference in young people’s lives. They provide you with all the knowledge and wisdom you need to achieve greatness in your life. This school truly does ‘PREP’ you for the real world!”

Krishana has enlisted in the United States Navy under an apprenticeship and hopes to explore the medical, culinary, and administration apprenticeships before deciding upon a career path. She will depart for her training in Chicago during the month of October. “With me, the military came naturally. I’m all about making a difference in the world and I knew I’d be in a safe environment where I can achieve everything I have always dreamed of. An opportunity is always better than a job.”

Heritage Prep is proud of Krishana’s accomplishments during her time at Heritage and as she follows her dreams into the United States Navy. We pray the LORD will lead her and that His hand of protection will be upon her wherever she goes.

Krishana Cuyler

Serving in the United States Navy Apprenticeship Program

“You can do whatever you please,

but you cannot determine

the consequences.”

"This is what I saw for my very first day at Heritage Prep School in Orlando. It was posted for everyone to see as they stepped out of the library. I was not very happy going to a new Christian school. New friends, new rules, new teachers, and a “DRESS CODE!” But as days went by, I met new friends, had great teachers, the new rules were not so bad, the “DRESS CODE,” love it! Where else can you go to school and dress like a business woman. I had the greatest time! Sports events, Valentine Coronation, Homecoming, car wash, band camp, youth camp and of course – bake sale, lots of bake sales! It was a big change for me coming from a public school to a Christian school in Florida. But, it was the greatest sacrifice that my parents have ever made. H.P.S. is a good school, it helped us prepare to get to the next level of our life’s journey. But what makes it GREAT are the people that have given their time and effort to provide us the growth that we needed. Not just in academics, but in our spiritual lives as well.”

Radina RC Haggard

Nurse Recruiter - Orlando Market Central Florida Regional Hospital

Rachelle Lyons, Missionary to Spain, speaks about her Christian-based education at Heritage Prep.

“HPS is not a place just to learn reading, writing and arithmetic; it's a place to learn more about God while also learning these 3 areas. The emphasis was on my spiritual growth although I was pushed academically as well as sports and in other activities.

My teachers were a great example for me. They not only taught me, they also showed me love and care. My coaches stressed the idea of portraying a good Christian attitude on the court and not playing just to win. More important was my testimony for the Lord. I remember being benched during a game even though I was one of the starters. They helped me realize that a Christian's testimony is more important than sports. One of the golden nuggets that HPS has given me is understanding that serving God is the most important task in my life.”

Rachelle Lyons

Missionary to Spain

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“My years at Heritage are some of

my fondest memories.”

I attended Heritage Preparatory School from Nursery in 1986 to High School graduation in 2003. I often reflect on the years of participating in the athletics and musical aspects of the school. I grew up at Tabernacle Baptist Church and at a young age made a profession in Christ. While at Heritage I continued to learn about the Bible in all classes and received knowledge of God’s Word. At the age of eighteen I realized it was head knowledge of Christ and not a heart knowledge and I received Christ as my Saviour. God truly blessed me with the opportunity to have a Christian education and grow up in a loving environment at home, church and school. Heritage is where I received a godly education but it also prepared me for me years ahead in college. When I finished my college education I knew there was no other place for me except at Tabernacle Baptist Church and Heritage Preparatory School. I now have worked at Tabernacle & Heritage for four years. I enjoy the opportunity to share with the students of Heritage Preparatory School what I was taught several years ago.

Kelly Secrist

Student Testimony

Colleges and Universities

Heritage Preparatory School alumni have attended colleges and universities over a wide geographical area.

Seminole Community College

Southeastern College

Southern College

Stetson University

Tabernacle Baptist College

Tennessee Temple University

Toccoa Falls College

Trinity Baptist College

Troy State University

University of Alaska

University of California

University of Central Florida

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Miami

University of South Carolina

University of South Florida

University of Tennessee

University of Toronto

Valdosta State University

Valencia Community College

Warner Southern College

Weber College

Wofford College

Word of Life Bible Institute

Hampton-Sidney College

Heritage College

Hillsborough Community College

Hyles Anderson College

Illinois State University

Indian River Community College

Indiana University

James Madison University

Jones College

Lander University

Liberty Baptist Seminary

Liberty University

Loyola University

Luther Rice Seminary

Mars Hill College

New York University

North Greenville College

Northwestern University

Nova University

Orlando Culinary College

Orlando University

Oxford University, England

Pensacola Christian College

Rollins College

Samford College

Anderson College

Arlington Baptist Seminary

Baptist Bible College

Baptist University of America

Barry University

Bob Jones University

Bruton-Parker College

Bryan College

Cedarville College

Clearwater Christian College

Columbia Bible College and Seminary

Crown College of the Bible

Cumberland College

Duke University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Emerson College

Emory University

Flagler College

Florida A & M University

Florida State University

George Washington University

Georgia Southern College

Georgia Tech University

Georgetown University

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