Mrs. Rebecca Ritchie


Born in Manila, Philippines, Mrs. Ritchie came to the United States in 1978. She married her mail correspondent and was blessed with two beautiful children. Both are Heritage Preparatory School Alumni. Though very different individuals with unique interest, they both reaped love, joy and freedom from their experiences at Tabernacle Baptist Church and Heritage. Mrs. Ritchie holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Commerce, Accounting, from Adamson University.

She came to work for Tabernacle Baptist Church and Heritage in 1982 and in 1987 became the Financial Director. In January 2012, she will be celebrating thirty years of serving the Lord at Tabernacle Baptist Church. Her love for the Lord only grows deeper as she finds every day is a new day, full of opportunities to serve others through the ministries of Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Heritage Prep School • 6000 West Colonial Dr. • Orlando, FL 32808 • Phone: (407) 293-6000

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